And who the fuck is you?

Alex wasn’t ready and neither was I for this parody.  Lorna be lookin’ thick!

Peter David’s X-Factor: Issues 78 and 79.

Pietro shows us his “O” face when he pops a “Learning Something” Boner, still can’t get over his wife, and is/isn’t a total dirtbag like everyone says.

Sam Guthrie remains super country even when hit in the face by one of Alex Summers’ tantrums cosmic blasts.

Jamie wants some musical-themed strange and has dream sex in a wheat field after sulking about his lack of “game” all issue.

Lorna doesn’t give a fuck about Alex’s leadership and neither do we.  She’s totally over it.  I don’t blame her.  You be fab on your own, Lorna.

Peter David’s X-Factor (90’s) Feels: Some Fucked Up Shit Happens in a Fictional Middle Eastern Country


I really shouldn’t have laughed but Pietro is so RUDE! They go looking for Alex and Rayne (who was tossed half way across the country by Hulk and picked up by a zealot local and his sister.).

When, these D&D weirdos show up.


Oh, Jamie.  You are stupid.  I love you.

This guy basically tazers Jamie in his neck to make him stop talking which I co-sign.

Pietro is looking for Rayne still and makes an observation:


It’s problematic.  Pietro, no more of this, ok?

Not as bad as when Scott Summers said this:


…which sadly I see being “low-key/slightly racist” a Scott Summers’ trait (but that’s another discussion for another day.).  Either way, neither scene is bueno.

Pie-Pie is about to get Rayne and then this happens:



Anyway, Rayne gets herself free with the help of the sister.  The brother then kills the sister for doing so in a fit of rage and then…


Oh, Rayne… It’s ok.  It will be ok.

Peter David’s X-Factor (90’s) Feels: Alex Summers is the Worst and the Series Just Fucking Started Part 56353

X-Factor finally shows up and Havok has to be a bossy-butt from the start.  Pietro reads his ass in spectacular fashion.  Why on Earth is he the leader anyway?

Then, he has the nerve to complain about code names.  Dude, you can BARELY control your own power and your CN is a testament to that.  So:

Aw… Poor, Pie…

LORNA, NO!!!!! ::dying laughing while looking horrified::
Lorna is perfect.  She can do no wrong. 

Lorna is perfect.  She can do no wrong. 

God, Pie-Pie is such a shady goat.  LOVE IT.

Peter David’s X-Factor (90’s) Feels: Alex Summers is the Worst and the Series Just Fucking Started

This blond nightmare has literally told everyone to shut up at least once in issue two. 

God.  He’s such a fucking humorless dick… Or as Lorna would say:


Still good

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