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- A Lonely Place of Dying
Dick + circus elephant = love


- A Lonely Place of Dying

Dick + circus elephant = love

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I’m pretty sure, in his bb!venger days, he WAS a teenager who’d just had a growth spurt—he and the Maximoff twins were all like 19 when they joined up, right?

yes! i’m glad you brought this up, because it makes an interesting time scale:

cap’s kooky…

January Cover and Solict for Batgirl


THE FLASH 75 Variant cover by AARON LOPRESTI
Blank variant cover
On sale JANUARY 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Things are going surprisingly well in Batgirl’s new life! But nothing good ever lasts long in Gotham City – and the other yellow boot is about to drop…hard!

I don't know how to feel about Betsy Braddock and her "transformation/transmigration" into an "Asian body."


I know she wanted the remaining X-men to survive and she made them go through the Siege Perilous and then woke up an woman of East Asian descent on the other side of the planet through the tinkering of The Hand and Matsu’o but like, whose editorial decision was…

Co-signed.  I’ll try and summarize exactly why this bothers me.  No significance to the order:

1) By merging two women, they present this idea that women are interchangeable and are essentially playthings for men.   It’s neither Kwannon or Betsy, it’s a weird amalgamation that Spiral, Matsu’o, and Nyoirin wanted.

2) You have Asian men that makes this choice for them.  There are alot of hyper-sexualized stereotypes about Asian MoC (especially with white women), and Matsu’o and Nyoirin are playing into that.  Matsu’o objectives in getting “his girl” back are mostly sexual.  He’s literally creating a woman that is pleasing to him by lessening Kwannon’s Asian-ness with a white women and vise-versa.  Nyoirin wants an attack dog.  And then, there is this menacing aspect to it.  Betsy is more or less “awake” and aware of what is going to happen to her and she’s being terrorized by Asian men who want to use her mind and body for their selfish ends.


4) You have Japanese characters referring to a half-Japanese/British woman as “Lady Mandarin.” :/  Not even the same ethnicity; chock full of gross orientalism; just fucking wrong.

5) Kwannon’s name should be spelled “Kannon” if she’s Japanese.  The other is more from Chinese/South East Asian Anglicized spelling.  Marvel does this a lot with “Asian names.”  Karma’s Viet Namese name is STILL FUCKING WRONG AND IT’S 2014, DAMN IT.

6) You have a White Woman and a Woman of Color literally fighting for survival in both body and mind.  Only one can win and Betsy “kills” off Kwannon (She later comes back but like… Dude.) and takes her body from her.  I could write an entire THESIS on the frightening parallels between white women appropriating cultural aspects of and replicating “pleasing” physical features of women of color to stay at the top of the white male ideal in US ideas of “beauty” (The white males being the creative team speaking through MoC characters… which is fucked up.).  I could also write a thesis on how white culture in the US demonize WoC of bodies and how some white women have participated in such practices in order to secure themselves financial and socially but I need to go outside at some point.  This is not to say that Betsy won so people would think she’s cute or to get a promotion and a house on a hill but rather, that Betsy and Kwannon were put in this position/competition THEY DID NOT ASK FOR to by two MEN, so they could become these dude’s #2/fighting-fuck-toy.  :/

7) Betsy’s body is found washed up on shore… and they literally treat it like a piece of driftwood they could use to patch up a boat… Ugh.  That’s bad enough from the start…

8) Kwannon is conveniently “out of order” in order for this to be the motivation for Matsu’o and Nyoirin to go ahead with this fucked up Frankenstein nonsense.  And they never really explain how she even got there.

9) Ultimately, this is all of the creative team’s choices.  And to be honest, THAT’S THE SCARIEST PART OF IT ALL.

I can just imagine in my mind the epic fucking neckbeard planning meeting dialogue:

"Oh, you know who’s hot?"


"Betsy… but like she could be hotter.  Let’s give her like that asian hair but purple!"

"Yeah, like asian but not TOO asian cuz’ she’s gotta have tits!  But let’s give her their eyes too!"

"Ohhhh shit!  Fucking hot!  And then, we can make her like a ninja woman, so we can like put her in a leotard so that she’s stealthy and shit!"

"Stealth!  IN HEELS!"

"Let’s figure out how to do this…"



Touki Bouki. Djibril Diop Mambety. 1973. Senegal.


Touki Bouki. Djibril Diop Mambety. 1973. Senegal.

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Don’t come at me with them looking like Fenrir was just let loose on them like Tyr’s hand.  DO. NOT. DO. IT.



Don’t come at me with them looking like Fenrir was just let loose on them like Tyr’s hand.  DO. NOT. DO. IT.

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Polka Dot Superstar The Amazing World of Yayoi Kusama

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Bryan Stevenson on The Daily Show.

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Why isn’t X-23’s Codename: Honey Badger?



At the very least because she’s smaller than her “Dad.”


Because it sounds so nice and fluffy to someone who doesn’t know the awesomeness of the Honey Badger. 

But isn’t that Laura’s thing though?  Opponents that don’t know her automatically see a little girl/tiny woman and are like, “Whatevs.  I got this.”  And then her claws come out and she ruins their entire lives!